Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for the Beach

Philips ShoqBox SB7200 has all laundry list of features that make it the ideal beach radio.  The combination of the wireless bluetooth technology and it's rugged weatherproof design will provide you with a worry free listening experience in even the most harsh environments.  Boasting an impressive total output of 8 watts this little beach speaker has enough power for the largest of beach gatherings.  The those gearheads out there, the Shoqbox has some incredible features that include: full handsfree speakerphone capabilities, it can be paired up with another Shoqbox for true left and right stereo audio, motion sensor for changing songs without touching the speaker or your phone, lithium ion battery that is good for 8 hours of playtime off a single charge, shock resistant for those accidental drops, and it even has a voice prompt that lets you know when it has synced correctly.  Available online for less than $100 this is one beach radio that will not disappoint.  Just click on the picture and get ready to rock!

Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

The price of Bluetooth cell phone accessories has decreased a great deal over the past several years.  Thanks to the decreased cost of Bluetooth audio manufacturers have flooded the market with Bluetooth speakers that ranging from $15 - $500.  Today will discuss the top ten Bluetooth speakers under $100.  For ease of comparison all prices are from Ebay.com Top Rated sellers and include shipping.

Philips SoundShooter - $33.79

The stylish SoundShooter by Philips has all of the options one would need for a great beach radio at a very affordable price.  The SoundShooters compact design, durability, and user friendly features make it the best value of all Bluetooth speakers under $100.  Some of the SoundShooters highlights include: Rechargeable battery with 8 hours of playback, built in microphone allowing it to function as a speakerphone, carabiner clip for attaching it to a backpack or beach chair, available in four different colors.

JBL Micro Wireless - $59.99

The ultra-portable JBL Micro Wireless is may be small in size, but not in sound.  This beautifully designed bluetooth speaker has a built in bass port and 1 5/8" driver, delivering a full-range of JBL sound.  Need even more sound?  The Micro Wireless come with an audio cable allowing you to connect it with other Micro Wireless speakers to form a daisy chain of booming JBL sound.  Other features include: Li-ion rechargeable battery, 5 hours of playback, LED indicator light.

Best iPhone Docking Station for the Beach

The Grace Digital ECO TERRA GDI-AG2SI60  is much more than just a beach radio.  The Eco Terra should be categorized as an aquatic iPhone docking station because it is designed to be fully functional while submerged.  This brilliant little boombox features an airtight compartment for docking and storing your iPhone and any other items that you would like to keep dry.  Not only is it waterproof, but it also floats.  It was designed to float with the speakers always facing up so you can literally take your music with you in the ocean or pool.  Powered by 4 c-cell batteries, or the included AC adapter, this boombox will keep jamming for 25+ hours.  The Eco Terra's two 3" speakers are capable of producing above average audio quality even at full volume.  Grace Digital included 2 carabineers and a comfortable handle making the Eco Terra very easy to transport.  There are beach friendly docking stations that produce higher quality audio, but they lack the durability.  Available online for less than $120 the Grace Digital Eco Terra is our pick for the best beach iPhone docking station.  Click the picture to purchase your new beach radio now!  Visit our store for great deals on beach radios, beach speakers, iPhone docking stations, and much more.